All beach access ramps in Volusia County now open

Cars lined up in Daytona

Cars line up in Daytona Beach as the access ramp reopens.
Cars line up in Daytona Beach as the access ramp reopens. (News 6)

VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. – Beachgoers flocked to Volusia County shores on Wednesday, now that all 23 access ramps are back open.

People lined up to drive onto the beach in Daytona Beach and followed the new parking rules that have cars spaced 25 feet apart.

Volusia County Beach Safety Patrol said opening up all the ramps to beach parking will alleviate some congestion this Memorial Day weekend. Captain Tammy Malphurs told News 6 that it’s very important that people help lifeguards by social distancing themselves.

“We’re looking at hazardous rip current conditions throughout the weekend. We will be flying that red flag. We could have a lot of water rescues. So, we really need people to help us with social distancing so we can really concentrate on the water,” Malphurs said.

Beach Safety Patrol said expect vehicle access ramps to close for capacity sooner because of the social distancing guidelines.

Volusia County commissioners recommended opting for the less-popular ramps, which are:

  • Milsap Road
  • Harvard Drive
  • Williams Avenue
  • Hartford Avenue
  • Botefuhr Avenue
  • Minerva Road
  • Florida Shores Boulevard
  • Van Avenue
  • El Portal Street

To see a map of all 23 ramps, click here.

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