Church leaders join hundreds of participants during ‘Walk of Mourning’

A message of solidarity and unity was seen among the crowd

ORLANDO, Fla. – Hundreds of people showed up in front of Camping World Stadium on Friday to join local pastors and leaders for a mile walk of mourning. All of them remembering the black men and women who lost their lives in police custody across the country.

“We wanna mourn together so we can heal together,” said Pastor Tim Johnson of Orlando World Outreach Center.

58-year-old Debra Crawford joined the crowd and said this was her first opportunity to speak out and share her thoughts about the unrest in America.

"I think we've been quiet too long and I want to suppress everything and I rather it come out in a healthy way which is standing, marching, and speaking versus the other stuff we've been seeing," Crawford said.

Families to law enforcement, the message of solidarity and unity was seen among the crowd.

"We need to make sure that aside from what's happened let's focus on the positive things we can do moving forward," Chief Orlando Rolon, Orlando Police Department said.

The crowd walked from Church Street to Division Street, a street Orlando Commissioner Regina Hill said is forever history.

"I think when you see us march from Church the body of Christ march down Church and cross over division the healing begins," Hill said.

The group ended up gathering in front of the Amway Center for a ceremony with Chief Rolon, Sheriff John Mina and Mayor Buddy Dyer along with city officials.

“We are here to help this community heal and what’s amazing is they are here for the same thing” Pastor Johnson said.

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