Video: Ticked off Turkey chases Amazon delivery driver away from DeBary home

Turkey named George provides unusual home security, homeowner says

DeBARY, Fla. – One Amazon delivery driver says his friends always joked he’d be one of the drivers that ends up on TV one day and due to a recent unusual wild experience that’s coming true.

Gary Cervera, who usually delivers on his routes in the Sanford area, was making deliveries in DeBary Saturday when he came across a ticked off turkey.

The driver noticed two turkeys walking alongside a house where he had to make a delivery but he didn’t think much of them even when one got closer. Cervera tossed a french fry toward the feisty animal but it wasn’t nearly as interested in food as it was in the driver.

Cervera noticed the animal slowly following him as you can clearly see in the doorbell camera video shared by the homeowner.

After dropping off the package, the delivery driver said he took out his phone and started walking faster only for the turkey to pick up speed as well.

Then came the chase.

Cervera said he always leaves his side door open and that day his shortcut paid off as he was able to escape the turkey by jumping into his van quickly and shutting the door.

“I always get a few dogs here and there that scare the crap out me, but I always leave the side door open so I can bolt to the van and be safe,” Cervera said. “You never know if the dog wants to play or it’s protecting its house.”

However, the temperamental turkey was a first for Cervera.

“I’ve never been attacked by a turkey, so I didn’t really know what to think other than it was funny,“ Cervera said a few days after the incident. “I’ve started to hear there are memes out there. Things are starting to come up and it doesn’t surprise me.”

Dora Gentile lives at the house where the delivery was being made and she said the turkey is outside her house almost every single day and she’s named him George.

Gentile has an unusual security system with George the turkey protecting her house.

This is certainly one delivery Cervera will likely never forget.