America is running out of fireworks, industry leaders say

China supplies 90% of world's fireworks

Fireworks safety ahead of holiday weekend

Ahead of the July Fourth holiday there is some explosive news about fireworks: America might be running out of them.

Business has blown up since the coronavirus pandemic.

Consumer fireworks sales, including sparklers and firecrackers, have more than doubled.

Compared to last year, demand is up at least 115%.

It seems folks are turning to big booms to cure their boredom.

The problem is imports from China, which supplies more than 90% of the world’s fireworks, stalled earlier this year because the pandemic forced most of the factories to close.

Industry leaders expect a supply shortage in the coming days.

In fact, one expert said by July 5 there probably won’t be many fireworks available until China can start producing and shipping again.

On the other end of things, the professional fireworks side of the business is struggling since so many big events have been canceled.