Nationwide coin shortage caused by coronavirus pandemic

Coin production decreased due to coronavirus safety measures, U.S. Mint says

Pandemic causes nationwide coin shortage

The coronavirus pandemic is shortchanging the economy -- literally. You may soon see the effects of it next time you’re at a store.

If there's a little less jingle in your pocket, there's a reason for that.

The Federal Reserve says there's a coin shortage.

You might see signs posted at a store and it's because of the pandemic, which has significantly disrupted the supply chain and the way U.S. coins are circulated.

Coin deposits from institutions, like banks, to the Federal Reserve have declined significantly the past few months.

The U.S. mint said its production of coins has also decreased due to measures put in place to protect its employees from the coronavirus.

With Federal Reserve coin orders starting to increase as regions reopen, the coin inventory is at below normal levels.

Officials at the Federal Reserve say they're working to lessen the effects of the shortage to minimize supply constraints and maximize production.

The agency is managing how it distributes the coins it does have and is encouraging institutions to only order enough coins to meet consumer demand.

Federal Reserve officials say they’re confident the coin shortage will be resolved once more of the economy opens and coins go back to being circulated as usual.