Orange County landscaping company puts people back to work and hires dozens during pandemic

Rodas Outdoor Services has hired about 40 people, so far

WEDGEFIELD, Fla. – While thousands remain out of work in Central Florida during the pandemic, one business owner is trying to help out those looking to stay on their feet.

Eddie Rodas owns Rodas Outdoor Services, a landscaping company based in the Wedgefield area in East Orange County.

Over the past four months, Rodas has hired around 40 people on a temporary basis, all of whom either furloughed or laid off from their regular job.

“I’ve just been trying to hire as many people as I can,” he said. “Some people will work one, two days out of the week. Some people sign up for three days. It all depends if they’re up for the challenge.”

A challenge that doesn’t necessarily require experience. Rodas doesn’t mind teaching and his businesses has not felt the same impact as others during the pandemic.

“Believe it or not, we’re seeing the average amount of work every year, if not a little bit more,” Rodas said. “We in this landscaping industry have not felt a hit because we’re essential.”

Pre-pandemic, Victor Baker worked as a cartoonist at the theme parks. Now, he's helping out Rodas.

“I am an artist and I draw people’s faces,” Baker said. “I do them in the realistic style like portraits, or in a funny cartoon style like caricatures.”

Baker is unsure now when his job will return.

“It’s been a day to day week to week adventure of faith and just trying to find ways to be helpful and help people out,” he said.

To apply, temporary workers can go to his company’s Facebook page, Rodas Outdoor Services.

“As long as the grass grows, we’re hiring,” Rodas added.

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