WATCH: Florida Teachers Union president discusses reopening schools

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News 6 anchor Justin Warmoth talks to the president of the Florida Teachers Union about reopening schools amid the ongoing pandemic.

ORLANDO, Fla. – School districts across the nation are being forced to reconsider their reopening plans as coronavirus infection rates continue to spike.

The White House has been clear with its message that schools should be open five days a week with kids and teachers back in the classroom, but school boards are taking a more cautious approach. Many districts have already announced a delayed reopening as well as giving parents options on how they'd like their kids to start the year.

Florida Education Association president Fedrick Ingram talked about the challenges with reopening schools on “The Weekly on with Justin Warmoth.”

"What happens if a teacher contracts coronavirus?" Ingram said. "Do they take their sick days? Do they run the risk of losing their job because they're out 14 days quarantining? What happens with the substitute teacher? Do we ask a substitute teacher to go into a classroom where a teacher was just diagnosed and cover that class? Is that safe? Do we quarantine the whole class? Do we quarantine a wing of the building or an entire school because a few kids have had an outbreak in a class? Those are the things that we really have to get granular about and start to focus on because this has impacts on people's lives."

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