Hatemail highlights: News 6 viewers really don’t like anchors’ long hair

Matt, Ginger read some of their most offensive messages

ORLANDO, Fla. – News anchors are not strippers but do they wear dead animals on their shoulders?

This week News 6 anchors Matt Austin and Ginger Gadsden open up the hatemail bag and unpack a few gems from some people who just don’t like long hair.

In this week’s edition of Florida’s Fourth Estate, we share some of the messages viewers send in when they just don’t like what they see.

Often the comments we receive from people who watch the news have nothing to do with a story or the content of the show but rather what we look like or what we’re wearing.

Some people send direct messages to our inbox but others are brazen enough to post it on the News 6 Facebook page for everyone to read.

One person pointed out our long hair made us look like strippers.

Another recent gem was to remind my co-anchor Lisa Bell and I that our long hair just isn't professional.

"Please tell your female newscasters on the 6 pm news (Ginger and Lisa) that their long stringy hair is not attractive and is very distracting. Why does it have to hang over their shoulders like a dead animal? Just saying..."


People often ask if it hurts our feelings when people write mean things. Quite honestly the answer is no. We take it in stride but regret not asking our boss for hazard pay.

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