Three sinkholes open near state park in Volusia, residents may need to vacate homes

40-foot sink hole closes swimming hole, residents can't use driveways

DeLeon Springs State Park in Volusia County (© FL-DEP)

VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. – As if an approaching hurricane and an ongoing global pandemic wasn’t enough, Florida has to throw a few more curveballs for residents in the form of a few sinkholes.

Residents who live near DeLeon Springs State Park may be forced to vacate their homes after three sinkholes opened Friday damaging a road, and causing muddy water to come into some indoor plumbing, Volusia County Government officials said.

A 40-foot sinkhole opened near DeLeon Springs State Park Friday morning, leading to the discovery of two smaller sinkholes, county officials said.

The large sinkhole on Ponce deLeon Boulevard caused the park’s swimming area to become cloudy. The parks swimming areas are closed.

Nearby homeowners are being told not to use their driveways as they are close to 40-foot wide and 20-foot deep sink hole. The county building inspector said if the hole continues to expand residents may need to vacate their homes.

Some residents have reported muddy or unclear water coming into their toilet tanks and from their faucets.

Volusia County’s environmental management division is working with the Florida Geological Services.

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