Man loses penis, so doctors make a new one -- on his arm

Malcolm MacDonald has 2 children, so he wasn't worried about sex

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Have you heard the one about the British man who had a penis named Jimmy growing on his arm?

What sounds like the start of an otherwise comical joke is actually a true story and for any man, a story we hope to never re-live.

Malcolm MacDonald lost his penis to a severe blood infection, or perineum infection, that worsened into sepsis, FOX News reported.

The 45-year-old soon noticed that his fingers, toes and penis were turning black, according to a report by The Sun.

MacDonald was “completely gutted” when his penis fell off in 2014, though his testicles were still intact, the outlet wrote.

Surgeons in England were able to add an extra 2 inches to MacDonald’s manhood by building a new penis on his arm.

MacDonald is now awaiting a final surgery that will transfer it to its rightful place, reports say.

As he awaits the final procedure, MacDonald is able to find humor in the situation.