Florida woman finds python in washing machine

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. – A Florida woman says she's still shaken after discovering a python in her washing machine.

She says she only realized it was a snake when she reached her hand inside.

Emily Visnic was going to load her washer when she saw something that looks likes snakeskin.

She thought it was clothing.

But, when she reached into the washer, she felt the snake slither.

Visnic ran out of her apartment and found maintenance men who removed the snake.

They did not tell Visnic what they did with it.

Visnic was still on edge days later saying she thought she could still hear hissing.

“I was really, really freaked out,” Visnic said. “So, I was walking around my car. Did I just hear a hiss or did I just hear that move?”

Animal control speculates the snake is an escaped pet that got into Visnic's apartment through the fence, and they do believe it is an isolated incident.

The day before a neighbor had reported hearing a snake hiss.

That leads animal control to believe it was traveling through the building’s vents.