Central Florida couple takes the hassle out of Christmas tree shopping

In addition to taking the hassle out of delivery, the Jasmins will also decorate your tree

It's like Uber for your Christmas tree, but better.

Imagine getting a beautiful Christmas tree without the headache of having to go to the lot, sift through countless trees, tieing it to your car, haul it to your house, set it up, then clean up all the messy needles.

A Central Florida couple said they are cutting the headache out of decorating for Christmas.

Jerry and Courtney Jasmin started Tree Drop back in 2017 after Courtney had a rough time finding a real tree of her own.

After going to a local tree lot she couldn’t find anything worth buying.

It was so late in the season all she could find were old trees. She said the one she ended up taking home was “basically dead.”

She and her husband decided they would make it their business to help others stuck in a similar rut.

The duo said they have helped bring fresh trees to all sorts of people throughout Central Florida.

A local elderly man had been picking up his own tree for years.

Getting older meant he just couldn’t shoulder the burden of everything that comes with buying, hauling, and setting up a real one anymore.

So, he called Tree Drop. Like they do for all of their customers, the Jasmins got to work picking one of their premium fresh-cut trees from North Carolina, hauling it to his house, setting it up, and making sure every single needle was cleaned up before heading out.

They say busy moms take advantage of their services and some even give Christmas trees as gifts.

The Jasmins say they were most touched when a cancer survivor sent one to a cancer patient she was mentoring. When they made the delivery they say the woman who received it was so touched she cried.

In addition to taking the hassle out of delivery, the Jasmins will also decorate your tree if you need them to, just set up a consultation.

At the end of the year if you need the tree hauled away Tree Drop will come to get rid of it for you.

But, it doesn’t just go to the dump. Your Christmas tree gets new life. The Jasmins say they take their old trees to Free Canes For Veterans which is run by a man that turns old Christmas trees into free custom canes for veterans.

So, whether it’s a 5-foot tree or a 15-footer, Tree Drop said it is ready to help you get the holiday started. To learn more, just go to www.mytreedrop.com.

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