Sisters launch their own business after learning from mom

Dede & Landrea Cowart co-own Miscellaneous where they sell “a little bit of everything”

Dede and Landrea Cowart co-own Miscellaneous in Orlando (Dede and Landrea Cowart)

ORLANDO, Fla. – It’s a family business that started at the dinner table, launching just two years ago.

What started off as one discussion, led to more talks and eventually the creation of Miscellaneous on North Orange Avenue. From coffee mugs to stationary, sisters Dede and Landrea Cowart said they wanted to start a business that fills a void in the Central Florida retail market.

“We think our store is pretty special because it’s overwhelming in the best way. It’s always fully stocked and each time you visit there’s probably something new. We offer a very curated selection of products that are fun, inspiring, relatable and even nostalgic at times. You have to walk around at least twice to make sure you didn’t misc anything (see what I did there?). It was also super important to us that we carried quality products at a price point that would appeal to a large range of people,” Dede Cowart said.

Miscellaneous is located on North Orange Ave. in Orlando (Dede and Landrea Cowart)

She said growing up, they watched their mom grow her business, RW Events, which inspired them to start their own.

“What is now a family business and a flock of brands, started as gift baskets in the garage. Miscellaneous is a subsidiary of RW Events -- parent company, literally -- and a result of us being involved with events and design,” Dede Cowart said.

Tamuel Cowart, who owns RW Events, said it has been a joy to watch her daughters create their own business.

“As little girls their favorite playtime activity was ’restaurant’ and ’grocery store.’ They were obsessed with cash registers, scanners, and servicing customers. Do you remember Biz Kids in Fashion Square Mall? That was Dede’s favorite field trip. While reminiscing over dinner, they mentioned opening a store. One conversation led to another, then a plan and business registration,” Tamuel Cowart said.

Tamuel Cowart said she couldn’t be prouder of her daughters. In a way, Miscellaneous represents a perfect blend of their personalities.

“Dede enjoys simplicity in branding and packaging, Landrea is full of wit and dry humor… both love quality at a good price. Miscellaneous is a little bit of everything they love,” Tamuel Cowart said.

Dede and Landrea Cowart have always been close and opening up a business together has been a dream of theirs. With the pandemic creating highs and lows, they’re now working on getting their store online.

“We’re simply here to encourage thoughtfulness and be a resource within our community to express care and gratitude for the people in their lives. We’re big on gifting as a family, so in a way, we’re giving Central Florida a bit of us,” Dede Cowart said.

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