Central Florida political expert said he’s never seen a presidential debate like this

Tuesday is first debate between President Trump, former Vice President Joe Biden

Tuesday marked the first presidential debate between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden, and University of Central Florida history professor Dr. Jim Clark said he has never seen a debate like this.

“It’s kind of an old fashioned political brawl," Clark said.

Clark mentioned Biden called Trump a liar three times in the first hour of the debate.

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“I was surprised how quickly it turned into a brawl,” he said.

During the debate, both candidates talked over each and kept interrupting each other’s talking points.

Dr. Jim Clark acknowledged all of the issues have become politically charged for each base.

Clark shared what he thinks viewers may have thought of the debate.

“I think it rallies their bases,” he said.

He said Biden and Trump are trying to get their supporters to the polls.

“They are trying to get people to turn out,” he said.

The UCF professor said no one even talks about the impeachment anymore, the news cycle changes so quickly in today’s age.

“The issues keep coming,” Clark said.

Clark acknowledged all of the issues have become politically charged for each base.

“We have become so polarized, that it breaks down along political lines,” he said.

Both sides took personal shots at each other in Tuesday’s debate.

“I’ve never heard the word clown in a presidential debate,” he said.

Two more presidential debates are scheduled before the November election.


Important dates for voting in Florida:

  • The deadline to register to vote is Oct. 5.
  • The deadline to request a vote-by-mail ballot is Oct. 24.
  • Early voting begins in every county in Florida on Oct. 24, some counties may offer earlier dates.