Orange County teacher shares music of the world with her students during pandemic

Her students are participating in World Music Wednesday

Students at Bridgewater Middle School are sharing international music traditions through "World Music Wednesdays."

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. – The Covid-19 pandemic means teachers are coming up with new ways to engage students, both in the classroom and virtually.

That’s why one Orange County chorus class participates in World Music Wednesday.

Bridgewater Middle School chorus teacher Christiane Lynch says she got the idea from an online group for chorus teachers. Each Wednesday students virtually travel the world to learn about different music and cultures.

“I designed this whole passport system for them to move their passport stamps. They have to through a boarding gate to enter the country just like in a real airport," Lynch said. "They have to tell me about the country and what we know already. And then when we leave the country and come back to Bridgewater International Airport, they have to go through customs where they tell me what they liked about it and what they learned.”

Lynch explained that singing in class is very limited because of health guidelines.

“I’ve been getting a lot of student involvement with this. If we’re going to a place that their family is from they’ll hope out with the presentations and share their traditions and their food," Lynch said. "Just getting them to experience music in the classroom safely while having fun, I think that’s the biggest takeaway from this. I can tell on their faces, even though it’s behind a mask, that they’re smiling and having fun.”

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