State of Emergency Tour stops in Orlando to push voter turnout

Election Day is weeks away

Voters out in force at early voting site across South Florida

ORLANDO, Fla. – As the election heats up and candidates rush to gather loyal voters before Election Day, two groups are stopping in Orlando to make sure residents know how important it is to cast their ballot.

Until Freedom and Woke Vote focus on engaging communities across the deep south and east coast to get out and vote.

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“This is the most important election of our generation and the opposition is working hard to suppress our votes so we must work even harder to mobilize our communities,” said Tamika Mallory, co-founder of Until Freedom. “There are marginalized people across the country who are counting on us and so my vote will be in solidarity with fellow Black women, undocumented people, Muslims and refugees, LGBTQIA people and for Breonna Taylor, George Floyd and the many who have been taken from us. This tour will inspire, inform and galvanize the collective power of communities of color.”

State of Emergency Vote Tour

The State of Emergency vote tour schedules stops in targeted and highly concentrated cities that are located in key states. These areas have been determined to be critical turnout hubs for the upcoming 2020 presidential election.

“History has taught us time and time again, if we want change in this country, we have to fight for it ourselves. So this is a state of emergency - it is a righteous call to action. Our collective existence, the justice for every name we’ve ever had to hashtag - it’s on the ballot this year. Every policy that could help or further harm our community - it’s on the ballot this year. Who we love, how we resist and what we value - it’s on the ballot this year. This moment, this tour, this vote - it’s about us,” said DeJuana Thompson, creator of Woke Vote.

The tour kicked off on Friday in Orlando and will make another stop in Miami before leaving the state.

The State of Emergency Tour will continue to travel the country and educate voters all the way until election day, officials said.

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Ezzy Castro is a multimedia journalist on News 6's morning team who has a passion for telling the stories of the people in the Central Florida community. Ezzy worked at WFOR CBS4 in South Florida and KBMT in Beaumont, Texas, where she covered Hurricane Harvey in 2017. Being from Miami, Ezzy loves Cuban coffee and croquetas!