Seminole County Public Schools investigating spam emails

This is a strong reminder for middle and high school parents in Seminole County.

If you’re child received a spam email recently on their student account, delete it right away.

The district now investigating and parents say some of those emails were disturbing.

“It’s very concerning as a parent and I don’t appreciate it,” said Hagerty High School parent Betty Jackson.

Jackson said she couldn’t believe the inappropriate spam messages that her daughter, a freshman at Hagerty High, received in recent days.

“Like 986 emails from people that I didn’t know,” said Riley Jackson.

All the emails were on her school’s email account.

“I deleted it right away, absolutely,” Betty Jackson said.

Seminole County Public Schools sent a message to high school parents over the weekend, saying it’s aware of students getting spam emails and believes the emails could have malware. They’re saying a few middle school students got the email too.

“The emails are coming from both gmail and protonmail email accounts,” the school district said in a message to parents. “Our information services department and local law enforcement have been alerted and are working diligently to remedy the situation. In the meantime, please let your students know if they’ve received any of these emails to delete them immediately.”

“Like people are getting emails from people they don’t know and it’s kind of scary in like a weird kind of way,” Riley Jackson said.

The district said it’s blocked external email traffic to the student accounts while this whole thing is being investigated and resolved.

“You need to find out what’s going on and you need to stop it,” Betty Jackson said.

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