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Earth as seen from space. (Image: NASA) (NASA 2021)

The desire to explore is fueled by the need to answer questions about the universe -- and WKMG/Graham Media Group’s “Space Curious” podcast aims to dedicate episodes to the space topics that you want to know more about.

Anyone can submit a question, topic idea or ask about a person you want to know more about for the show.

Ever since the podcast launched in August 2020, dozens of thought-provoking questions and ideas have been submitted. This is where you, the listener, come in to help. You can vote on topics submitted by other people -- or your own, if it makes it into a voting round -- and help determine what a “Space Curious” episode this season will be all about.

After the winning question is determined, we’ll get to work finding experts to help get to the bottom of it.

Sound good?

In the first season of “Space Curious,” we learned how the space station was assembled 200 miles above Earth, who takes out the space trash, that we are not going to get smooshed by an asteroid in the near future -- and why we always want to ask astronauts about space toilets.

Season 2 will not disappoint.

Take a look at the candidate questions below and click the checkmark to cast your vote.

Don’t see anything you want to know about? That’s all right. Click here to send us your ideas.

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