City of Orlando: ‘Our current way of life isn’t sustainable’

Orlando spotlighted at Florida climate change conference

ORLANDO, Fla. – The City of Orlando took center stage this week as climate experts focused their attention on Florida and the impacts the state is facing from climate change.

The Florida Climate Correction Conference was held by the VoLo Foundation, which prides itself on educating the public and creating sustainable environmental plans.

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The goal was for climate experts to share ideas on how to navigate what could be real dangers for the state in the future.

“Our current way of life isn’t sustainable,” City of Orlando Sustainability Director Chris Castro said.

As one of the event’s keynote speakers, Castro showcased what he said Orlando has done right, such as installing new solar panels on top of the city’s fire houses and replacing fuel-guzzling Lynx buses downtown with ones that run on clean electricity.

“Investing in sustainability is positioning our cities and communities for long-term prosperity,” Castro told News 6.

But the Florida legislature is not going along – at least not right now.

On Thursday, the state house passed House Bill 919, which could prevent cities like Orlando from enforcing part of their Clean Air Acts.

It prohibits cities from restricting types of energy, and it voids any policies that are already in place.

Castro said the City of Orlando is working with a coalition of other Central Florida cities on creating new ways to limit human impact on the environment.

The state senate bill restricting clean air initiatives has now been scheduled for another reading in Tallahassee.

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