Florida’s Fourth Estate: News 6 anchors react hilariously to hate mail

Matt, Ginger pull out their meanest messages from viewers

News 6 anchor Ginger Gadsden shares some of her hate mail.

ORLANDO, Fla. – Matt and Ginger are digging in their inbox again and they are pulling out the hate mail.

It’s mean but their reactions are hilarious.

One viewer asked, “Why does Ginger always cross her legs every day?”

It left Ginger asking what the alternative would be and how changing it up could cause for some awkward moments on air.

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The next person sent their message to the News 6 Facebook page instead of Ginger. The viewer wrote that she looked frail and hoped she wasn’t going through a health scare. She said the better way to go about inquiring about someone’s potential health issues would be to message them directly.

For instance, she said, “Matt, if I thought something was wrong with you, I’m not going to go on Facebook, ‘Facebook, fam. I’m worried about Matt, I hope he’s alright.’ Do you know what I mean?”

Matt said it would be similar to him walking out of the newsroom and Ginger yelling, “Hey, everybody, what is wrong with Matt? Is he sick? Because he looks frail and gross” after he left the room.

Ginger then flexes her muscle showing she is absolutely not frail. But then she admits two things that may just make her come across as frail.

These two are too funny and they aren’t even half way through the episode.

News 6 anchor Matt Austin was bombarded with mean comments on TikTok.

When it comes to hate mail, Matt says he is getting tons after joining TikTok.

He answered the one question he gets all the time: What news story makes you laugh uncontrollably?

He mentioned one that you may remember about a camel.

Then, the hate mail started pouring in, including one that blasted his hair saying, “terrible comb-over dude,” from supersnarky04.

Matt then runs his fingers through his hair to prove it’s not a comb-over. He also addressed an attack on his voice. Ginger hopped in and came to his defense, saying his voice is great.

There were also attacks on his forehead, “I could literally watch the news or an entire tv series off this guy’s forehead,” said imgonnagetusucka.

That’s when Matt pulled his hair forward to cover his forehead and the hilarity continues.

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