📸Assignment of a lifetime

Space newsletter 9/1/2021

John Kraus (front) and the Inspiration 4 crew on a parabolic flight. (WKMG 2021)

I get told all the time I have the coolest job: Covering launches, interviewing astronauts and writing about Martian robots. While I won’t argue, because I do love covering space, I’m here to break it to you that my job is just covering other people’s really, really awesome jobs.

Case in point: Meet Brevard County native and launch photographer extraordinaire John Kraus, the guy in the photo at the top of this newsletter holding the camera and floating in zero-G. John has spent the last seven months documenting the first all-civilian crew to go to space. That means some unusual situations, photographing them on parabolic flights and flying in fighter jets. You know, total cool guy stuff.

The Inspiration 4 mission launches from right here in Florida at Kennedy Space Center on Sept. 15. Right now the launch window is a full 24 hours but we should get a more exact window soon. When I know it, you’ll know it, too.

Also, happy birthday week to the astro-birthday girl, Megan McArthur! NASA was nice enough to send her a sweet treat in space.

Until next week!

Ad Astra- Emilee Speck