Volusia County beachgoer seeks to reunite found college relic with owner

Lewis College class ring found on Ormond Beach in December 2021

Jamie Herzog found the Lewis College class ring near Ormond Beach in mid-December. (Jamie Herzog)

VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. – Among the studded sand and seagrass, Jamie Herzog found a different type of rock as he scoured the Ormond Beach seashore with his metal detector: A mid-20th century college class ring.

A ruby representation of Lewis College for a graduating class in the 1950s or 1960s isn’t exactly typical of Florida beaches, so Herzog knew he had to return it to its natural habitat.

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“I’m picturing someone who wore this ring for many years,” Herzog said. “You just imagine all the different scenarios and how heartbreaking it must be for this person.”

Herzog found the jewel after early low tide in mid-December, right around the corner from the Royal Floridian Resort, one of the many vacation accommodations nestled on “resort alley.”

He said there’s a 1930 featured prominently on its side, indicating the year the school was established. The design of wings and a cross engraved on its surface makes Herzog think it could be a religious university.

The ring features the number 19, wings and a cross on its design. (Jamie Herzog)

“I think its probably the best thing I ever found and it was really exciting because it obviously has some value,” Herzog said. “I never had a class ring myself, but it was neat to see one and what it looks like.”

And while Herzog said the red faceted stone fixed at the center of the gold carat ring gives it monetary value, the emotional significance is what matters most.

This isn’t the first time Ormond Beach acted as a lost and found for missing class rings. Back in September, the family of James Carlton Hirt was reunited with his blue-stone Mainland high school class ring from 1969, found by Marty Knight, a man who made it his mission to find the owner.

If anyone has any information about the owner of this ring, please contact James Herzog at jamietheh@yahoo.com or News 6 at the email below.

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