Central Florida pollen count expected to increase throughout the week

As temperatures in Central Florida increase, so do pollen counts

ORLANDO, Fla. – While a Central Florida spring is just around the corner, so is a less loved feature of this time of year: Pollen.

News 6 meteorologist Candace Campos explains that higher pollen counts are expected by the end of this week in Central Florida as the breeze and warmer weather picks up.

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These higher counts are thanks to the biggest pollen producers this time of year — oak, grass and juniper, according to Campos.

A medium-range of pollen is expected on Monday and Tuesday, but a high range of pollen is expected to round out the week on Wednesday and Thursday, Campos explained.

So, as the weeks warm up, make sure to grab your allergy medication to alleviate symptoms of increasing amounts of pollen in the air.

About the Authors:

Candace Campos joined the News 6 weather team in 2015.