Morgan & Morgan files first civil lawsuit stemming from data scandal

Lawsuit involves Facebook, Cambridge Analytica


TAMPA, Fla. - Orlando-based law firm Morgan & Morgan announced on Wednesday that it has filed the first civil lawsuit stemming from the recent data scandal involving Facebook and Cambridge Analytica.

The law firm said the suit was filed in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California.

Morgan and Morgan attorney John Yanchunis holds leadership positions on both the Equifax and Yahoo! data breach cases, according to the law firm.

"The recent disclosure of the violation of the privacy rights of 50 million consumers who use and trusted Facebook represents yet another troubling example of a company's failure to maintain the security of information consumers provided – despite its representations to consumers that they have a choice to allow who can access their information through privacy settings," Yanchunis said in a statement. "Even more alarming is the fact that Facebook executives knew several years ago that these violations occurred and chose to keep silent about it."

Yanchunis said that Cambridge Analytica essentially waged "psychological warfare against millions of unsuspecting victims, without their knowledge or consent."

"The filing of this lawsuit is a necessary step to secure and protect consumers' private information, and to seek compensation for the companies' bad acts," Yanchunis said.

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