They go in your ears, not your mouth: Boy swallows AirPod

7-year-old rushed to hospital, cleared by doctors

DeKALB COUNTY, Ga. – A 7-year-old boy’s Christmas gift landed him in a Georgia hospital after he swallowed one of his Apple AirPods.

The boy’s mother, Kiara Stroud, says her son was holding the AirPod in his mouth when he accidentally swallowed it.

Family members rushed the boy to a DeKalb County hospital where doctors took an X-ray, which showed the gadget just below the boy’s rib cage.

Stroud says doctors told her the best option was to let the AirPod work its way through the boy’s system naturally.

She says her son now doesn’t want to use his iPhone because he’s afraid it might connect to the wireless headphone in his system.

Stroud says she is going to avoid buying her son any small electronics until he gets a little older.

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