Rescued Sochi dogs return to United States with Olympian

Team USA Hockey player rescues 2 stray dogs

By Ashleigh Coran - Executive Producer

ST. LOUIS - An Olympic ice hockey player for Team USA returned home from Sochi with special cargo.

David Backes did not bring back any Olympic medals, but rather two stray dogs.

"It's almost like they knew they were going somewhere where they wouldn't have to worry about food or fighting over food or worried about who is coming after them next," Backes said.

Backes said the dogs kept showing up at the resort where the players' families were staying. By the end of the Olympic games, Backes had nicknames for the dogs, Sochi Junior and Sochi Jake. 

"Those two were living in hotel rooms where they shouldn't have been, getting baths in bathtubs where they shouldn't have been," Backes said.

Backes tweeted a picture of the dogs during their 13-hour plane ride back to the states.

After landing, the dogs were taken to an animal shelter where they will stay for 30 days before becoming available for adoption.

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