Search for mystery couple in photo points to Orlando

Woman finds portrait tucked inside dresser purchased online

By Ashleigh Coran - Executive Producer

A woman's purchase for her daughter has opened up a mystery that has her taking to social media to get answers. 

The Virginia woman bought a dresser for her daughter and her fiance on Facebook Marketplace, and it was not until they brought it home that they found something unusual tucked inside. 

"We took the drawers out and set the dresser down, and there was this photo book," Rita Lin said. "It was a binder with one picture in it."

Lin said the photo looked like a military couple with the name "Republix Studios Orlando Fla." stamped on the corner. 

Her initial thought was to go back to the seller, but they told her the dresser came from an estate sale, and they were unsure where it originated. 

Lin's next option was to take to social media in hopes of spreading the word. She posted the picture and album to Facebook Tuesday. She's now hoping the right person will see it. 

"I could not bring myself to throw it away. It belongs with somebody." Lin said, "I don't know these people but somebody does, and I'd love to get the picture back to somebody." 




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