Woman says alleged Kissimmee 'playboy conman' desperate for money

Scott Campbell asked former girlfriend for $50,000

ORLANDO,Fla - A Tampa woman says 47-year-old Scott Campbell, who convinced friends he was a millionaire record producer, was sending her texts begging  for $50,000 just weeks before he was arrested in Flagler County.

"Maybe I was the only person he could find on short notice he thought had some money and would actually talk to him again," she said.

The woman, who has asked not to be identified ,says she first met Campbell last January on Match.com.

When their relationship started she says Campbell called her multiple times without being invited and she knew very quickly " that he would not take no for an answer."

The first time Campbell asked her for financial support she says they went to a dealership to purchase a vehicle he claimed he needed for his music tour.

"He had me go to Gator Ford with him (last year) and we looked at trucks and I almost put a down payment on a truck for him."

She changed her mind and the relationship was over until May 15 when she says he sent several texts asking for her help.

Campbell wanted money deposited in an account at a PNC bank in Kissimmee. she said.

He sent a photo of his Visa bank debit card and account number so she could deposit funds for him. She never made the deposit.

Detectives checked the account and found he had a total of $50.

State investigators say Campbell has a pattern of deception linked to 22 women who invested and lost an estimated 1.9 million dollars in an entertainment project he called "Give Me a Chance" talent show.

Campbell who is the registered owner of B.D.O. records in Kissimmee was arrested and charged with Grand Theft of $100,000 on June 8. On June 13 his bond was reduced from $500,000 to $250,000.

The following night two women, Leslie J. Ossinsky and Dawn Darrow, signed affidavits acknowledging the grand larceny charge against Campbell and posted his bond to release him from the Osceola County Jail.

Their relationship to Campbell is unclear.

In a voice mail recording obtained by Local 6 Campbell is heard asking someone named "Leslie" to confirm to another alleged victim that he is trying to make the project work and that he will get the alleged victim her money back.

A woman named Dawn Darrow is a Facebook friend to a long time friend of Scott Campbell.

Under the standards of his bond Campbell must reside at a private home in Kissimmee.

Flagler County attorney Marc Dwyer says Campbell would not comment on the charges against him.

Campbell's jury trial has been set for September 16.

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