EP206: Florida's Fourth Estate -- Measles

ORLANDO, Fla. – On this episode of Florida’s Fourth Estate, the Easter Bunny delivers some punches to one of his peeps.

Also, a Florida man allegedly stabs his nephew for taking too long in the bathroom.  

Plus the “Floridiot Of The Week” and we ask the question, "Why is measles so contagious?"

Dr. Al Mireles, with Nemours Children's Hospital, explained to Ginger and Matt what makes measles so dangerous.

"It's a virus that is very aggressive. The reason I say it's aggressive is because it invades you without you knowing that it is in there," Mireles said.

People who are infected won't know they are contiguous due to the incubation period, according to Mireles. Up to five days before patients become sick and develop the rash associated with measles they can transmit the infection to others.

"Initially you think you have a cold, a little congestion or nasal problem then the rash appears and it's a very dramatic rash from head to toe and it look like red welts and it can make you pretty sick," Mireles said.

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