Florida man describes moment shark bit him while surfing

Matt Picarelli says he nearly lost all of his toes on 1 foot during attack

Matt Picarelli has a long road to recovery.

He said he was only in the water for about 15 minutes when a shark chomped down on his foot while surfing in Fort Pierce.

“Something grabbed my foot and right when it bit me I saw the shark, it kind of flailed in the water and swam away from me really quick,” he said.

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Right after that, he said he told a friend he was with that he had been bitten.

“We gotta get out of the water, I got bit. She thought I was joking, I literally grabbed her and said ‘Get out of the water, get out of the water.’ She still thinks I’m joking, I get to the shore, we both look down and it was horrible,” Picarelli said.

He said the four to five-foot-long shark did a lot of damage.

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“The scene of it was brutal. There was blood everywhere when I got onto the beach,” Picarelli said. “It was a fully opened wound, I almost lost all of my toes, 50 stitches, broken tendon, chipped bone.”

The surfer, who lives a very active life, said the attack — which happened in early March — will take several more weeks if not months to recover from, but he believes he will make a full recovery.

However, the experience has been challenging emotionally.

“That first week of it happening, I couldn’t process it for a few days,” Picarelli said. “I was having some nightmares, I was having some terrors. Then some of the dreams I was having — it turned into like me being in that same situation getting bit by a shark, then it eventually turned into me sitting at home in my bed and a shark blasting through the door, it was crazy.”

He said he does want to get back in the water, but moving forward he will be more careful.

Picarelli has started a GoFundMe to help with his medical bills.

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