Vacation on wheels: Florida company offers new affordable approach to road trips

Business owners offer revitalized vans for fraction of cost of RVs

There is a new affordable approach to taking a vacation in Florida and it allows you to bring the comforts of home with you.

The owners of Florida Van Life renovate vans and turn them into a vacation on wheels.

Lebelo Mosehle said he and Estelle Bain wanted to make travel more affordable. Instead of buying a brand-new RV which could cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars, Moshele told Florida’s Fourth Estate hosts Matt Austin and Ginger Gadsden the most they have ever charged for one of their renovated vans is $45,000. Others have gone for under $25,000.

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“The way we determine our price is by how much you put in, the time it takes us, and also the year of the vehicle, but mostly a lot of people who buy our vans they’re hippies so they don’t really care about ‘Oh, yeah, I want it to be so perfect, like 2023 whatever.’ As long as it is a van it’s got that retro look, and it feels like you’re back in like the 70s. That’s what our people are going for,” Moshele said.

While Mosehle focuses on sales, Bain focuses on design.

She said she incorporates the things that she likes into each of her custom creations. One of her vehicles is a redesigned U-Haul truck. Bain took Austin and Gadsden inside to show off the skylight she created. She said it really allows you to feel like “you’re sleeping underneath the trees, but you’re still protected.”

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She said, as a single woman, she was always concerned about safety and has designed her vehicles with that in mind.

Bain admits some of the re-imagined vans can get warm in the summer, but said a fan can help with that and that it is still much more comfortable than a tent.

It also includes a cooktop, bed, shower and toilet.

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