Free schools supplies for teachers? See how this expanding company is here to help

In a lot of ways, Addition Financial is like any other credit union, offering auto loans, credit cards and mortgages, to name some of the services. But what sets the company apart, or gives it a bit of an edge, is its partnerships.

A Gift for Teaching is a group that provides teachers with free school supplies for their classrooms, to be handed out to children in need.

Kevin Miller, president and CEO of Addition Financial, will fill you in on that relationship, which is one of several valued partnerships for the credit union. He’ll also explain the company’s recent name change.
While “Addition Financial” is a new moniker, customers should know the bank will still offer the same services and the same level of support -- just with more capabilities as the company expands from four counties to 22 across Central Florida.

The new name is a nod to the credit union’s roots in education.

Check out the video as Miller chats about Addition Financial’s 82-year legacy of serving those in the region, and what the expansion means for the community as a whole.