Even amid coronavirus pandemic, 3 reasons why now is the perfect time to enroll in business school

Stock image/Andrea Piacquadio
Stock image/Andrea Piacquadio (Pexels)

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With the coronavirus pandemic causing unemployment and uncertainty about the future for many, some are opening their eyes to the option of going to a post-graduate business school.

This can be a great way for people to pivot into greater things and, ultimately, turn something negative caused by the pandemic into a positive situation.

Here are some reasons why, even during the pandemic, now is a great time to enroll for a post-graduate business school, according to Dr. Keenan Yoho, professor of operations management at the Crummer Graduate School of Business at Rollins College.

It’s a chance to reinvent yourself.

For those who have lost their jobs, or even for those who are employed but have more time to take classes because they are working from home and not driving into offices, this time could serve as an opportunity to enhance knowledge and skills.

“For some, this will be a time to reinvent, retool (and) redesign as a result of the disruption in their industry, job or function,” Yoho said. “For some industries, there will be far fewer employers and those few will be looking for efficiency, operational effectiveness, agility, and new ways of thinking and doing. The need for good generalists with business acumen, analytical skills, and ability to lead teams -- to deliver measurable results in short time frames will increase.”

It’s a chance to network with new employers.

Having a degree from a graduate school can not only add new skills and knowledge to one’s resume, but also introduce somebody to newer connections that can help transform a career.

“Graduate business school will expand your network and open doors to industries, roles and opportunities that would not be available otherwise,” Yoho said.

It can set you up for the future once a recovery happens.

Nobody knows when the coronavirus pandemic will end, but when it does, there’s a chance the economy could be stronger than ever, which means businesses will have a higher demand for quality applicants. Having a newfound graduate degree from a business school will only enhance your chances to be in a better position than ever once the pandemic ends.

“Graduate business school will provide a laboratory for professional education and curated, mentored professional development to support the expansion of how one thinks, as well as provide a host of technical and ‘soft’ skills that will be necessary to thrive during and after a pandemic,” Yoho said.

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