Despite all the chaos, now is still the right time to invest in real estate, experts say

Questions? ‘You Have Real Estate’ just might be able to help

Although places have continued to reopen slowly in Florida and plans remain underway for other businesses to follow suit, the coronavirus pandemic is not quite behind us.

And now, many people in cities throughout the U.S. are out protesting daily, following several high-profile race-related incidents and deaths.

Attorney Justin Clark posed this question in his latest episode of “You Have Real Estate:" Considering all of the above, is now still a good time to invest in real estate?

The answer is a resounding yes, he said, and several experts backed him up on that.

Additionally, this latest show touched on several other topics: How can veterans achieve their goals of home ownership? What are interest rates looking like? If you have the choice between investing in a home or the stock market, which should you choose? What should you look for in an investment property?

Watch the video, above, to see the episode in its entirety.