Here’s why Central Florida’s real estate market will continue to be hot

U-Haul released its annual one-way migration study, and the numbers are quite staggering.

People are leaving in droves from New Jersey, New York and California, and they’re heading to Florida.

It seems to make sense for northerners to want to head south, but the head scratcher is those coming from beautiful California.

Real estate attorney Justin Clark says it’s really not shocking at all.

“Look at the political climate there. Look at the taxes. California people want beaches, they want great weather. That’s why California people -- even though it’s across the country -- are moving to Florida.”

Clark said that makes him bullish on the real estate market in Central Florida.

To those who acknowledge the current hot market but say it will have to crash at some point, Clark had this to say: “I totally disagree with that. In fact, this pandemic has turbo charged the migration of people to Florida, which has turbo charged our residential real estate market here.”

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