Looking for a medical-grade mask? Here’s how you can snag some for free

As the COVID-19 pandemic rages on, people continue social distancing and wearing masks when out in public.

In just a year, masks have become a necessity, and that means having to purchase them for yourself and your family.

But the Ford Motor Company Fund has been working to distribute free masks across all 50 states, in the communities that need them most.

“We’ve actually been producing masks that we’re giving away in all 50 states,” said Mike Levine, communications manager for Ford Motor Company. “We’re focused on some of the hardest hit markets, so this includes California, Texas and also throughout Florida.”

In the beginning of the pandemic, Ford aimed to make 100 million masks donations to communities and organizations with limited access to protective equipment, but the company has recently ramped up that number to 120 million by mid-2021. Of that number, 66 million have already been distributed since August.

Through the company’s #FinishStrong commitment, it has donated to nonprofit organizations, first responders, schools, community groups and at dealerships across the nation.

“FinishStrong is our continued commitment to helping all Americans work together to get through the pandemic,” Levine said. “You can find out in your town or city when we’re going to have these available. And you can roll into a Ford dealer and get up to 20 masks for free.”

If you’re interested in getting medical grade masks for you and your loved ones at no cost, click or tap here.

UAW, Ford and its philanthropic arm, the Ford Motor Company Fund, have committed to donating 120 million masks to help fight the pandemic in all 50 states. (Ford)