Getting a massage shouldn’t be expensive or pressure-filled, these founders say

Have you heard of J Sterling's?

When you think of going to a spa or getting a massage, does the idea go hand in hand with a big bill -- or even pressure to schedule regular appointments?

That shouldn’t be the case, the founders at J Sterling’s Wellness Spa in Orlando say.

The hotspot also offers facials, waxing and more. Their newest service is laser hair removal.

Massage should be affordable, so J Sterling’s tries to keep it that way. The founders say they have the best, most affordable prices -- and no contracts.

Massage at least once a month is recommended, the founders said.

“It’s like an oil change for your body -- and you can get it affordably without any memberships or contracts at J Sterling’s spas,” they added.

There are five locations.

If you’ve ever considered something like a couples massage, don’t feel like you need to have a romantic partner to give it a shot.

Couples massage is one of their most popular services, the J Sterling’s founders said, and it’s not just husbands and wives. You could consider booking something as a mother-daughter pair, friends, or whatever you’d like.

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