Best of Central Florida: These restaurants are hot, hot, hot for date night

It doesn’t matter if you’re celebrating your 25th wedding anniversary or you’re trying to impress on a first date with someone you met from Tinder -- finding a new spot for date night is always important.

That is where we come in.

Thanks to “Best of Central Florida,” we’ve got some recommendations where you can have your next romantic date night. From delicious glasses of wine to a thrilling adventure night, there is something for whatever kind of night you’re looking to achieve.

Makaila’s Choice: The Vineyard Wine Bar and Bistro

If you’re looking for a classic date night with fabulous food, delicious wine and an incredible atmosphere, look no further than The Vineyard Wine Bar and Bistro.

Besides the great food and ambiance, The Vineyard will make sure you’re making the correct wine pairing with your meal. The restaurant has the vibe of being upscale without actually being upscale. It still feels like a local restaurant, just with incredible food and an extensive wine list.

People’s Choice: Better Than Sex

Did someone say dessert?

Originally from Key West, Better Than Sex is serving up decadent desserts that are so good that some guests will skip dinner altogether and head straight for a giant slice of cheesecake.

Other than the insanely incredible desserts, Better Than Sex has wine glasses and cocktails that are rimmed with chocolates and other sweets. It’s almost like an appetizer before your main dessert comes out. It’s a perfect date night when your sweet tooth has a craving.

Justin’s Choice: Axe On Axe Off

This is the date night for when you’re in need of an adventure.

For the past few years, ax-throwing has become a popular activity, and more and more bars and restaurants are setting up shop so customers can learn how to properly throw an ax at a bullseye.

That is exactly what Axe On Axe Off is doing. Instead of a typical date night with dinner and drinks, you can have that, plus learn how to throw an ax. How fun is that?

Very similar to darts, you can earn points the closer you get to the bullseye, which of course will make a very fun competition for date night. Maybe the winner has to buy dinner?

How that would make for an interesting first date?