Best of Central Florida: Need a spot to board your pet? Look no further

3 important things to know about pet boarding, straight from the business owners

If any pet owners are wondering about places to board or treat their animals, here are some tips to know.

Whether you’re in need of a place to house pets while on vacation, or somewhere for them to go while you are working all day, owners of pets are often worried about what they will do with their furry loved ones when they are away.

In order to answer important questions pet owners might have about boarding, Justin Clark and Makaila Nichols, co-hosts of “The Best of Central Florida,” spoke with owners of three different area pet businesses: Sherry Acanfora-Ruottomaki with K9 Campus in Melbourne, Alexis Davis from Miss Emily’s Bed and Biscuit, and Melissa Vendal with 4 Paws Resort and Spa.

Here are three important questions, answered:

1. What will my pet’s stay will be like?

Some assume dropping off a pet means it’ll be locked up in a cage for most of the day, only to be let out here and there to use the bathroom. That is anything but the case at these three pet businesses, which all offer outside spaces to run and play with other dogs, as well as other activities.

For example, Acanfora-Ruottomaki said K9 Campus offers things such as a swimming pool, slides, a giant caterpillar and birthday parties for animals.

There also are options like spacious kennels with options for TVs and other entertainment for dogs.

“When they are coming here, they are coming here to have fun and play with other dogs and us,” she said. “It’s a safe and secure environment.”

Davis said her business also makes sure to keep cats and dogs in separate areas, with separate air conditioning units.

2. Does my pet need any special training before being left at a business?

Pet businesses won’t often require any special training, but they will get together with them and owners beforehand to do an evaluation and to get familiar with the personality of the pet.

It also will help the pet get to know the building and other pets that might be there.

3. Will you be able to monitor your pet?


Vendal said her business has plenty of options for owners who want to check in on their pet while they’re away, to make sure they are OK.

“You are more than welcome to Facebook message us, send us a message on Instagram or call us whenever you want,” Vendal said.

To learn more, watch the video above.