Best of Central Florida: 3 renovations ideas that will add value to your home

Three local experts talk about how you can add both sentimental and monetary value to your house.

The weather might have cooled down a bit in the heart of winter, but the real estate market is still scorching hot, meaning any value you can add to your home is a true investment.

On the latest episode of “Best of Central Florida with Justin Clark and Makaila Nichols,” three experts from the area discuss ideas that can add value to your home, whether it’s monetarily or just in sentiment.

Michelle Dvorak, owner of Luxe Furniture and Interior Design; Michael Brown, president/CEO of Solar Ray, Inc.; and Todd Thomas, owner of Todd Thomas Home, joined the show to lend their expertise.

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How performance fabrics can do wonders for interior design projects

If you are looking to add some color or durability to your home through interior design projects, one way to do so is to get indoor furniture with performance fabrics.

Furniture with these fabrics have soil and stain resistant material deep inside, which can help preserve furniture longer from spills, stains or pets that shed.

They are especially great for families with kids.

“They’re going to be very durable,” Dvorak said.

How solar energy can add value to your house

Getting solar energy can reduce heating and electric bills each month, Brown said, so any home with solar energy has a big edge when it is goes on the market.

He said not only are new builders putting in solar panels for that reason, but he’s seen people with solar power sell their homes faster.

“If it wasn’t a good idea and good for selling your house, or (it wasn’t) adding value to your house -- to the amount you owe on it -- it wouldn’t be done,” Brown said.

Turning a current home into a brand new one through renovation

For those who know the values of their homes are skyrocketing but still don’t want to sell because the price of a purchasing new home would offset those profits, there’s another great option.

They can simply renovate their existing home, essentially turning it into their dream home without moving.

Renovation companies are aware of this and are making sure more than ever that clients can have their needs met.

“Our initial estimate is going to provide allowances for things you haven’t selected yet,” Thomas said.

Watch the video above to learn more.