How can going solar save you money on your taxes?

Solar Ray has some answers.

Solar panels on your house are becoming more and more of a popular option: They can save you money over the long run, they’re good for the environment and can even earn you a tax credit.

But what should you look for in a company?

How exactly does the tax credit work?

What questions should you be asking yourself before making the commitment?

An expert from Solar Ray, also a sponsor on “Best of Central Florida,” appeared on the show to help answer those questions.

You’ll want to vet the company that you hire, look for a business that’s been operating for 10 years or longer, and be cautious when people come to your door, trying to sell you solar, this business owner said.

You can watch one of his interviews in the clip above, and another right here:

Solar Ray has some answers.

You also want to make sure you’re hiring a certified company for the job.

Ask about their professional training, as well.

As far as the tax credit is concerned, in 2022, it will be 26%. But the tax break is decreasing every year -- in 2023, it will go down to 22%, and then it’ll disappear.

You have two years to get any credit at all.

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