5 reasons why you should let a property manager take over your investment rental

If you have an investment property, then you know how stressful it can be. Finding residents, doing background checks and performing maintenance -- the whole process can be a lot.

But what if all that extra work could be done for you? Life would be so much simpler.

That’s why you should consider having a property manager take over all the things you don’t want to do for your investment property.

Greater Orlando Realty is one company that will do all those things so you can sit back and enjoy the cashflow. Here is what they said you can expect when they takeover your property.

1. Say good-bye to dealing with repairs.

A little bit of wear and tear is expected when you’re renting out an investment property, but not all of us are handy and can fix things right away. The struggle of finding an expert to fix the dishwasher or a running toilet is no longer up to you when Greater Orlando Realty is managing your property. They have people to call to fix any problem that may come up in the house.

2. You don’t have to screen tenants.

A big part of renting out your investment property is making sure you screen the tenants who are about to live there. That means a background check, checking their credit score or even pay stubs. That can be a lot of work when you already have a life and a full-time job. Greater Orlando Realty does all the heavy lifting for you.

3. They have attorneys.

Sometimes owning an investment property can get ugly when you have to evict someone, and hiring an attorney for legal advice can be pricy and tiresome. Greater Orlando Realty has attorneys to deal with this exact problem so you don’t have to.

4. They know how to market your home.

You could spend hours on websites like Zillow or Realtor looking at rental houses, and the most desirable ones are the ones that are staged and marketed correctly. You won’t have to worry about taking photos of your investment property or any of those other fine details.

5. You sit back and watch the checks come in.

Is there anything better than that? That’s the reason you got yourself an investment property in the first place, right? All the stress is gone and you just get to sit back and watch the money roll in. Cha-ching!

So what are you waiting for? Contact Greater Orlando Realty today to see how you can have your investment property managed by these pros.