Best of Central Florida: 3 of the top real estate companies

Learn what these businesses have to offer.

Whether you’re an investor or someone who’s home-shopping -- or even just thinking about buying or selling in the near future, you might be in the market for a real estate agent, or a company that can get the job done for you as seamlessly as possible.

On this latest episode of “Best of Central Florida,” co-hosts Justin Clark and Makaila Nichols talked to some prominent brokers, owners and Realtors to ask what makes them stand out, and gain some insight into the housing market these days.

Here are the businesses featured in this week’s episode:

Makaila’s Choice: Greater Orlando Realty USA, Inc.

Greater Orlando Realty offers the complete service: Residential sales, property management, commercial sales and more.

When it comes to property management, that means if you own a rental, the company can essentially “take it over” for you, and you just get to sit back and pick up your checks once a month; if you choose to do business with them. Some owners might find this to be a convenient option.

Investing in real estate is still strong, the owner of Greater Orlando Realty said.

He also spoke about developing trust with his property managers, and delved into how that process exactly works.

People’s Choice: Touchstone Real Estate in Mt. Dora

The founder of Touchstone Real Estate actually has a background in home appraisals, which gives her some unique insight that not everyone can offer.

She spoke to Clark and Nichols about what she’s seeing happen in Florida lately in terms of all real estate, and said the state will continue to increase, as far as equity is concerned.

People are moving here, interest rates are still low, and it’s a great time to buy.

Florida’s a little bit different from the rest of the country, as well. Watch the clip above to learn why.

Justin’s Choice: You Have Realty in Maitland

Have you ever wondered: How important is your agent or broker in the home-buying or selling process?

The answer, according to the owner of You Have Realty, is -- that person is VERY important.

They can tailor your experience to make it as easy as possible.

You Have Realty offers an all-encompassing experience: They can help you with title questions, insurance concerns, mortgage-related qualms -- the owner is bilingual, as well, and said she can track the process from beginning to end. She’s been in the industry about 20 years.

Learn more about why she believes in smaller, local real estate companies.

Bonus: Clark introduced viewers to LPT Realty

As for the newest, hottest trend in real estate, you have to check out LPT Realty, Clark recommended.

It’s real estate, reimagined; and the next big thing, said the representative from LPT on the show. If you’re an agent, you should learn more, Clark told viewers.

For more on any of these companies, the full video segment is just above.