Best of Central Florida: All the top food trucks and caterers

Plus, private dining might be more accessible than you think

Justin Clark and Makaila Nichols will walk you through some favorites.

Who says you need a brick and mortar restaurant to create delicious food?

These food trucks and caterers we’re highlighting on this latest episode of “Best of Central Florida” are really cooking up something special.

Plus, is private dining more accessible than you think?

Let’s dive in!

Makaila’s Choice: Treehouse Truck in Orlando

Co-host Makaila Nichols chatted with the folks at Treehouse Truck about how they came to be, their expanded catering menu and more -- plus, they showed off some pretty delicious looking truffle fries (along with a cheesesteak!)

The concept of a treehouse might bring you back to your childhood, and that’s what this business is all about: Simpler times and simple food.

The people who run Treehouse Truck have more than 50 years of hospitality/restaurant experience, so they know the importance of the little details, an especially clean kitchen and more.

They also have a unique relationship with local breweries, which you can learn more about in the video above.

People’s Choice: Soul Kiss in Orlando

If you’re looking for some good country cooking, then you’ve come to the right spot: Chef Rickie will tell you all about what to expect at Soul Kiss.

“It’s an experience,” Chef Rickie said. “You can taste where the food originated from.”

Soul Kiss recently competed in a world food championship -- and entered a burger, used meat from Impossible Foods. They’re always up for a challenge. Chef Rickie also owns her own catering company, and spoke about a Jamaican pasta and also a keto-friendly meal she recently whipped up. When it comes to catering, the sky is the limit.

“Soul food goes beyond the food,” she said.

Justin’s Choice: Phattychow (which partnered with Picnic and Chill)

Phattychow, if you’re not familiar, is a mix of New Orleans-style Cajun and American food.

They do catering and private events, as well. They’ll even go to someone’s home or business and prepare everything onsite.

Phattychow can do events for two people, all the way up to 100 people.

The owner showed off a gorgeous surf and turf meal on the show, and told co-host Justin Clark about their relationship with Picnic and Chill.

For more on any of these businesses, watch the full clip, just above.