Best of Central Florida: These women-owned businesses are thriving

Women are doing it for themselves

It’s about time that we honor and celebrate some fantastic women who are killing it with their businesses in Central Florida.

There are so many women in Florida who are prime examples of great leadership, but the latest episode of “Best of Central Florida” decided to highlight a few women who are making strides.

These women aren’t letting anyone or anything stop them from achieving their goals -- and helping other women like them along the way.

Makaila’s Choice: Beth Steele - Beth’s Burger Bar

According to our hosts, if you’re looking for the best burger in town with the best service in town, look no further than Beth’s Burger Bar.

Beth Steele has built a burger empire in Central Florida, and she has no plans to stop any time soon. With four locations (and a fifth on the way!), Beth’s Burger Bar is your one-stop shop for delicious food in a casual and fun setting.

Steele said the recipe to her success has been a great restaurant concept, but also a loyal staff that wants nothing more than to make customers happy. Steele said she really couldn’t have done it without the people who work for her.

People’s Choice: Jacqueline Visser Jimenez - Passio Photography

Depending on how comfortable you are around a camera, having your photograph taken can be a fun or awkward experience. That’s why Jacqueline Visser Jimenez of Passio Photography is sought after -- because she makes you feel 100% comfortable when she’s behind the camera.

Passio Photography is all about empowering women, and from boudoir photo shoots to maternity photo shoots, you will feel sexy, beautiful, and most importantly, comfortable, according to Jacqueline.

Justin’s Choice: Olive Gaye - GenCare Resources

Finding good health care is hard enough, but finding good and affordable health care when you’re elderly, or at home, is even harder.

That’s where Olive Gay’s GenCare Resources comes into play.

Gaye started her business after realizing that many loved ones and friends were not being cared for. She’s now created a successful home health system that helps people when they need it, and she’s even won some awards herself.

Gaye’s company is easy to use, helpful and all around a great way to figure out home health care yourself, or for a loved one in your life.