Best of Central Florida: These are the beauty businesses that deserve some recognition

On this week's "Best of Central Florida," hosts Justin Clark and Makaila Nichols are taking a look at the top beauty businesses in the area.

Have you ever thought about getting Botox, fillers, or plastic surgery?

Or on the flip side, even something as “gentle” as eyelash extensions, a facial, or a massage?

If you’re looking for a new medical spa-type of facility, this week’s episode of “Best of Central Florida” has you covered.

Co-hosts Makaila Nichols and Justin Clark went over three of the top beauty businesses. Here they are:

Makaila’s Choice: Dime Medical Artistry

Dr. Daniel Felling, the founder of Dime who’s also a board-certified surgeon, joined the show to talk about how he got into this business in the first place: He wants to help patients feel better about themselves.

Felling spoke with us about the latest in the world of Botox and filler; how he works with his clients to create a plan; and the importance of working with a true medical professional when it comes to these services. You don’t want to take a chance on your face.

We also chatted about getting your lips done, laser hair removal, neck lifts, laser liposuction and more.

The People’s Choice: Allure Med Spa and Advanced Aesthetics

Whether you’re looking for a massage, lasers, eyelashes, microblading or something else, you can find ALL your beauty services here, the women who run the business said.

They spoke of the knowledge and expertise of their plastic surgeons, and said when you visit Allure, you’re going to have a friendly experience from the time you walk through those front doors.

Allure loves to make its patients feel happy, at home, and like they’re getting the best service possible. A surprising number of men visit the spa as well, for facials, Botox and more.

Justin’s Choice: Goldfingers Aesthetics

Goldfingers has expanded recently -- it now offers eight locations with two more opening soon.

Physician Dr. James Young discussed with Clark and Nichols the company’s emphasis on great service, smiles, offering up the best providers, and giving out incredible value.

They take pride in their bedside manner, and love to educate guests, as well. And more than anything, Young said, it’s the results that keep people coming back.

They see about 15-20% of their clients being men, but that number is growing, Young said.

For more on all of these companies, and to watch the full clip, hit PLAY on the video, just above.