Did you know giraffes are an endangered species?

One of the most majestic animals in the wild needs our help

A majestic giraffe. (Pexels.)

If you’ve ever been to your local zoo, you know that one of the best parts is seeing the giant and majestic giraffes.

They tower over you, and if you’re lucky enough, they may even take some food from your hands. It is the coolest experience ever, and one that could never happen without zookeepers who keep these animals happy and healthy.

Sadly, giraffes in the wild aren’t doing so well, and they are actually an endangered species, according to the folks at Wild Florida.

That’s why they want to bring as much awareness as possible about the longevity of these incredible creatures. The month of June is World Giraffe Month, and Wild Florida hopes that people will learn more about giraffes and why they are endangered, and how we can help save them.

“The giraffes are dwindling in numbers. Once they are gone, can you imagine a world without giraffes? They’re such an incredible part of our world,” said Sam Haught from Wild Florida.

Haught said there are a couple ways that we as people can help the giraffe population increase, as well as bring more awareness about these wonderful animals.

The easiest and most sufficient way to help giraffes is donating money and spreading the word about the Giraffe Conservation Foundation. They are the only foundation in the world that specializes on the conservation and management of giraffe’s in the wild in Africa.

So what can we do to help the giraffe population?

Donating money to the Giraffe Conservation Foundation is certainly an easy way to help protect the species, but Haught said that even having the conversation about giraffes, or seeing them in person is super helpful.

“When people get up close and personal with a giraffe, they post about it on social media, so that brings awareness,” said Haught.

So to celebrate World Giraffe Month, why not visit Wild Florida and see these creatures up close and personal.

To learn more about Wild Florida, click here.