Best of Central Florida: Innovative businesses that are changing the game

When you think of the word innovation, a few things may come to mind.

People who are creative, having out-of-the-box ideas, skilled and forward thinking

All of things are true, and they are all true about the Central Florida businesses being focused on today’s show with hosts Justin Clark and Makailia Nichols. You’ll be amazed that people even thought of these ideas for successful businesses.

Makaila’s Choice: 7 Senses Kids

You may be wondering what 7 Senses Kids is, but once you hear about it, the business totally makes sense.

It is a pediatric occupational therapy and speech studio in Melbourne. Owner Lauren Flores combined her love of helping kids and animals into one innovative and unique business idea. At her business, she uses her occupation therapy skills in helping kids develop find motor skills and coordination, all the while helping animals, too. They offer sessions in their studio, as well as session online.

People’s Choice: RE/MAX Town Centre

When it comes to a real estate brokerage that is going to work for you, the client, there is no one better to do so then RE/MAC Town Centre, according to Joey Pensante, who is an agent with the company.

THe company was founded over 20 years ago, and their drive to make the customer, wither they be a buyer or seller, the number one priority. It is a business model that has made the company one of the best in all of Central Florida.

Justin’s Choice: Solar-Ray

If you’re living in Central Florida and don’t have solar panels on your roof yet, what exactly are you waiting for?

Besides being fantastic for the environment, it’s also such a huge money-saver. CEO of Solar-Ray Michael Brown will tell you not only why going solar is good for your pocket, but also why his company is the one you should be using.