3 reasons why bed and breakfast spots are great for special occasions

If you are looking for a location to spend a date night or celebrate another special occasion, then going to a bed and breakfast can be a great option.

Why is that, you ask?

Here are three reasons why bed and breakfasts can be great spots to celebrate something meaningful.

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1. Different-themed rooms

When visiting a bed and breakfast, there can be several different styles of rooms to choose from. Dan Shaw, owner of the Danville BnB, said his location offers room styles such as a man cave, a yurt, a tree house, a little city inn and a “Woodstock” theme. These rooms can be so fun for visitors to stay in.

2. Different experiences

Shaw said another staple of his bed and breakfast spot are experiences such as animals, golf cart rides, bonfires and a hot tub. Animals that are featured include, goats, alpacas and donkeys.

3. They can host any type of party

Bed and breakfast places are often good to host any time of celebration. Whether it’s a wedding, birthday party, anniversary, or another special occasion, bed and breakfast spots are often not only a safe choice, but a fun one.