Best of Central Florida: Financial planners that will set you up for the future

There is always so much uncertainty when it comes to planning for your future.

One day, you think the economy is doing great, and the next it’s in the gutters. With so much fluctuation and playing the guessing game, it’s never a bad idea to have a smart and reliable financial planner on your side.

That’s why Best of Central Florida hosts Justin Clark and Makaila Nichols gathered a group of financial advisors that they trust. Even if you’re just thinking about getting a financial planner, these picks could help with your final decision.

Makaila’s Choice: Fortress Wealth Group

If you’ve ever wanted some solid advice on how to invest your money, where to invest it and how to pay your taxes, look no further than Fortress Wealth Group. They primarily work with entrepreneurs and executives who may need help with their finances. Fortress Wealth Group is a born and bred Orlando business, and they even help clients continue to invest in the Orlando community.

People’s Choice: Nelson Financial Planning

They’re back again! Nelson Financial Planning is back again, and they are still a fantastic business to help you with your financial planning. Joel Garris, the company’s CEO and President, always recommends to start saving for your retirement as soon as you get the first big job. The more years you have to compound and save your money, the better off you’ll be by the time your retire.

People’s Choice: 401Karat

We’ve got another People’s Choice for you! The folks at 401Karat truly run a unique business. People can pay $50 a quarter to get advice from the folks at 401Karat on where they should be with their 401K. That means advice on investing more, taking money out, or backing up on investing. It’s a business model that is truly their own.

Justin’s Choice: Oxford Advisory Group

If you want a financial advisor that makes you feel like family, look no further that Oxford Advisory Group. Sam and Christopher Dixon are brothers and treat all of their clients like family. It doesn’t matter if you need financial advice or tips on how to invest your money, Oxford Advisory Group can help you with whatever you need. They really focus on retirement, so if you’re close to that point in your life, you might want to consider looking into their services.